Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bra cup and band sizing

Many of you know that I worked in a lingerie boutique before starting my business as a custom bra maker. I would fit women, as well as a few men, and the most misunderstood concept was that of bra cup and band sizing. One of my former co-workers found this great image on, showing the difference in cup and band sizes, and I absolutely love it!


Now, if you're like me and don't fit into traditional ready to wear sizing, this illustration might not mean much for you when bra shopping. In which case, custom made bras might be just the right choice for you. But if you find yourself questioning what size to try on when the one you have in the fitting room just isn't working, then I hope this illustration helps you understand bra sizing a little better. Please note that one ready to wear company will not fit the same as another.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What do Pilates and bra making have in common?

I get asked all of the time to explain why I became a Pilates instructor AND a custom bra maker. The two seem so different. How is it possible to have two careers and passions that don't relate to one another? Actually, they relate more than you think. I love helping people, and I am able to do that through both Pilates and bra making. I am also able to watch people's bodies change and improve through both modalities. It's amazing the self-esteem boost you have when you feel good. Finally, I'm a very detail oriented individual, and I am able to use that greatly to my advantage in both careers.

Now what do you get out of this? Both custom made bras and Pilates build self-confidence, they create a more youthful appearance, they can decrease back pain, as well as reduce shoulder and neck stress. Your posture will improve (ask me about posture back bras), and your clothes will fit better. Don't those all sound like great things to have?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Welcome to Intimate Underpinnings

Welcome lingerie lovers! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Intimate Underpinnings is officially open for business, and I couldn't be happier. I had a dream to go into business creating bras and lingerie nearly 7 years ago. As someone who is naturally small-busted, it was always a challenge finding bras that fit properly. The cups were always too big, and the underwires were digging into my breasts. I couldn't imagine wearing a low cut shirt because the bras in "my size" would create a very revealing image if I bent over. My girlfriends all seemed to have the opposite problem. They were all large busted with smaller frames, so to find something that fit in the cup, it was entirely too big in the band, thus not providing any support for their breasts. How were we all failing when it came to finding a well fitting bra? And did they all have to be SO ugly? Well, not anymore! With several twists and turns in the world of bras, business, sewing, and fitness (yes, I am also a classically trained Pilates instructor, and you would be surprised how many of my clients and fellow Pilates instructors complain about the fit of their bras), I decided to focus my business on custom bra making. Sure, I could have created a ready to wear line of bras, and I thought about it for a long time, but there would still be so many women (and some men) who would not be able to find well-fitting, beautiful, comfortable bras. I want to "support" those who leave lingerie stores with frustration. I want to create that unique experience where I am able to take your vision of the ideal bra and make it a reality. My name is Holly, and creating custom bras is my passion. Check out our website at, or vist me in Portland, OR to get the lift, boost, comfort, and support that you deserve.