Saturday, January 30, 2016

Embrace the lace in 2016

 Happy 2016 everyone! I haven't posted much lately because Intimate Underpinnings has been moving and getting settled in our new sewing studio in SW Portland! We are thrilled about the move and have created a wonderful and inviting space to create all of your unique, custom pieces. With the move complete, I decided to make myself a new bra. It's been awhile since I've made one for myself, and I have been holding onto this small amount of lace that I snagged from Beverly the last time I was up in Ontario, Canada. I knew I wanted to use it to make a special piece for myself, and with my small bust, I really didn't need anymore than what this small piece provided. 

I was inspired by a lovely bra that I discovered several years ago, and thought this lace would be perfect to test out some techniques that I haven't shown you yet. I enjoy vertical seam bras, as they compliment a small bust and it was the most appropriate for my vision. Here is my inspiration photo.

Now to decide which fabric/s, elastics, and findings will compliment the lace. I have this lovely modal in gold, which is great for panties and interior bra pockets. It's much too stretchy for a bra, but it is SO soft and the color was perfect. I decided to use it anyway. I'm always impressed that I can find and match the exact color of my project with Gutterman thread. It puts a big smile on my face. 

Here are the pieces all cut out and ready to go...

The lace has more stretch than I can use to create the sheer illusion on the upper cup area, and the modal has more stretch than I can use for the back band. So, I used beige sheer cup lining to attach the lace, and to give me something to sew the gold modal and edge lace to. My skin is pretty pale, so you can't even see the sheer cup lining when I wear the bra. The lace straps are also supported by sheer cup lining, and I used sheer cup lining to to stabilize the bridge of the bra, as well. It worked fantastically, and does not stretch at all! Finally, I decided to use a beige lightweight power net to layer under the modal for the back band. It now provides the kind of support that I like to have in my bra band. Here is the final product, as modeled by Bettie, my dress form. Enjoy.